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[Sticky] How To Upload Video directly to Facebook Page or Profile?  


Omar Mohamed
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12/05/2018 8:55 pm  

Follow these steps to remotely upload video to facebook

  1. Loggin to Dudelar App (Download if you do not have it allready) with your Facebook Account.
  2. Click on Upload from Youtube
  3. Search the video you name or if you have the video allready open on Youtube App directly share to Dudelar App.
  4. once the video is shown in Dudelar App, you can now hit the White Arrow above the video on the right corner.
  5. Now you have a popup box showing your Profile image and Profile Name
  6. if you hit Upload now, the video will be uploaded to your default Profile
  7. if you want to Upload it to a Page you manage you can click on the small black dropdown arrow to switch to Page and Click upload.

if you have issues with your Uploading process lets now.


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